OSRAM HMI 2500W/GS 115V/2500W

მთავარი განათება ნათურები OSRAM HMI 2500W/GS 115V/2500W
OSRAM HMI 2500W/GS 115V/2500W
ბრენდი: Osram
კოდი: 51616

არ არის მარაგში

განვადებით შეძენა

Extremely high light output
Best color rendering
Light output three to four times higher in comparison to filament light
Light is generated via an arc between two electrodes
Spectrum similar to daylight (between 4500 and 6500 K)
Constant color temperature and color rendering behaviour over the whole lamp life
Photographic industry
Halogen metal evaporation lamps provide a spectrum composed of a lot of lines, in contrast to temperature radiators, as halogen-incandescent lamps

Type of lamp: Metal halide lamp
Manufacturer: OSRAM
Voltage: 115 V
Wattage: 2500 W
Current: 25.6 A
Socket: SFa21
Luminous flux: 240000 Lm
Burning position: Horizontal ±30°
Arc gap: 14 mm
Color temperature: 6000 K
Color rendering index (CRI): 90 Ra
Lifetime: 500 h
Dimmable: Yes
Hot restrike: Yes
Diameter: 31.5 mm

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