TOA CA-115 EU the power amplifier

პროდუქცია პრო აუდიო გამაძლიერებლები TOA CA-115 EU the power amplifier
თვეში 17₾ - დან 374J
TOA CA-115 EU the power amplifier
ბრენდი: toa electronics
კოდი: 360010



განვადებით შეძენა

Easy installation in practically any 12V battery equipped car.
Compact, rugged construction and front panel controls.
Two phone jack mic. inputs and handy phone jack AUX input for external equipment connection.
Unidirectional dynamic microphone with talk switch.

Power Source Standard voltage: 14VDC
Usable Voltage; 10 ~ 16V DC (12V Battery Used)
Power Consumption 2.2A or less at rated power output.
Output Power Rated 15W, max. 35W
Output Impedance 4Ω (BRN), 8Ω (ORG), COmmon (WHT)
Changeable by changing lead wire connections.
Distortion Less than 5% (at 1kHz rated output)
Frequency Response 100 ~ 10,000Hz
Input Mic 1, 2 : 600Ω, 4 mV, Phone Jack
Aux : 10 kΩ, 500 mV, Phone Jack
Dimensions (W x H x D): 178 x 50 x 132mm (mounting device excluded)
Weight 900g
Finish Front panel; ABS resin, Black
Case; Zinc plated steel sheet
Accessory Microphone holder ... 1
Mounting Bracket ... 1
Mounting Screw ... 1
Fuse (4A) ... 1
Connection cord ... 1 set
Accessory Microphone Unidirectional dynamic type with Talk switch
Impedance : 600Ω
Sensitivity : -53dB (IkHz, 0 dB = 1 V / Pa)

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