მთავარი პრო აუდიო მიკროფონები JTS TXB-5M1
ბრენდი: JTS
კოდი: 71060

არ არის მარაგში

განვადებით შეძენა

1 kick drum mic 20 - 12,000 Hz frequency response
Four TX-6 tom mics 60 - 16,000 Hz frequency response
JTS signature internal shock mounts
Rugged carry case


The JTS TXB-5M Pro Series drum kit is perfect for any working drummer or sound engineer. This set comes in a high impact injection molded carry case that includes 4 X-T6 tom mics plus the TX-2 ultra light kick drum mic that stays right where you put it, to ensure accurate placement! If you want booming low end and thumping kick drum the JTS TX-2 is the microphone for you! The specially designed acoustic chamber of the TX-2s body, provides frequency response that takes you all the way down to 20Hz for subsonic rumble that you can only feel, but still provides excellent low end punch on a kick drum. The super cardioid rotationally symmetrical pick up pattern ensures the best gain-before-feedback and isolation from other sound sources on or off stage. The TX-2 is simply the best microphone for your kick drum! For Toms the TX-6 yeilds a tight directional pattern combined with the JTS signature internal shock mount yield zero handling noise and a targeted sound source pickup! The flexible locking mount allows you to get this mic in the absolute best position to give you the sound you are looking for.

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