ADJ Show Designer I

მთავარი განათება სამართავი პულტები და დიმერები ADJ Show Designer I
თვეში 137 ₾ - დან 2,999.00₾
ADJ Show Designer I
ბრენდი: Elation
კოდი: 408019



განვადებით შეძენა

• Comes with alarge library of fixture settings for many different brands of lighting equipment.
• Cancontrol up to 512 channels.
• Can control up to 16 large fixtures (up to 32 channels each)or 16 groups of smaller fixtures.
• Holds up to 1024 scenes, 512 presets, 256 chases and256 shows.
• Fixtures and memories are quickly selectable from an array of 16 switches.
• 8 faders allow direct control of channel settings for 32 channel fixtures using a bank switch.
• Large rotary wheel for control of pan and tilt as well as chase speed, crossfade times or for data entry.
• Pan and tilt can also be controlled using a standard PC trackball. 32 character backlit LCD display for easy programming.
• Rear panel has 3 pin XLR connector for DMX512 output with a polarity switch to accommodate different types of cable requirements.
• Rear panel also has MIDI in, MIDI out, audio input and trackball connector.
• Software updates can be easily downloaded off the internet and directly loaded into Show Designer from any Windows PC connected to the trackball connector using a standard PC serial lap link cable.