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პროდუქცია გიტარა კლასიკური გიტარა GUITARRA LR-4 PEPE TOLDO
კლასიკური გიტარა
სტატუსი: არ არის მარაგში
ბრენდი: alhambra
კოდი: 75037
1495 J
განვადებით შეძენა

Classical with Solid Cedar Top and Laminated Rosewood Back and Sides with Soundport

This guitar is a new model from Alhambra which is basically a Model 4P with the addition of a unique soundport design. Soundports are becoming very common on top model concert classical guitars, mostly because they make the guitar louder for the player, since the port, which is essentially another soundhole on the side of the guitar, allows the internal sound of the guitar to be directed towards the player. This property is like a new dynamic resource for a player, which can expand one's dynamic and expressive range. As the sound of the guitar is much more immediate, one is made aware of more tonal detail and harmonic complexity.

The port on this guitar is unique in that it is not just a circular or oval opening, but is instead more of a grill formed by six slits that are cut into the side of the left upper bout forming the opening that constitutes the port. It is a very cool looking design, and it performs as expected by giving the already full, earthy voice of this 4P an even more robust personality.


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